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November 10, 2009

Authentic Leadership in Cincinnati – 11/10 Meeting

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WOW!!! Still coming down off a Leadership High!!!!! What an exciting and energizing session today.

For those who don’t know, Authentic Leadership in Cincinnati was formed on Linkedin on July 27th, only 3 months ago. Hard to believe as I sit and type that fact that we have come so far so fast! Says a lot about the leadership of the group. In that time, 232 Linkedin members have joined the group since the inception! In those mere 3 months, the group has been formed, created a passionate board, a vision, held out first session on September 15th and our second session today! A few exciting things that Erin shared before the meeting hit full stride today:

  1. This will be our last formal event of the year. We are working on future topics/dates, so keep an eye on the linkedin group for upcoming dates and meeting topics.
  2. We have begun the paperwork to establish our self as a not-for-profit entity. We expect to have that done early in 2010.
  3. Erin reminded us all of the groups vision and purpose:

Authentic Leadership is driven by a motivation to positively impact people and results. It requires transparency, intentional actions and the building of effective relationships in order to help others reach their greatest potential.

Our purpose: To Develop, Support, Encourage, and Promote Authentic Leadership.

Today’s Session

Today’s roundtable session was attended by over 40 people with varying backgrounds, levels of experiences, roles, and company sizes. But, the group did share energy and passion to become better leaders. Today’s topic was “Leadership vs. Management”. Each round-table of 8 people were provided with three questions to discuss as a group. The power of our group is in the diversity of experiences, background, role, and function. This diversity enabled the smaller round tables to hear different experiences, ideas, and views of what is possible. The three questions that were posed to each table were:

  1. How do you differentiate between leadership and management?
  2. What are the pitfalls that keep great managers from becoming great leaders?
  3. How can you apply leadership to your specific role in the organization?

Robust discussions then broke out at each table. The discussions went on for over 40 minutes and likely could have continued for another 40! We then pulled the group back together and each group shared their key learnings, insights, and thoughts with the larger group. These insights and thoughts led to more additional insights and take aways for all of us.

The key insights are noted below, the “summary” will give you a flavor of the discussion, but frankly don’t do justice to the in-person learning and insightful inputs.


1. How do you differentiate between leadership and management?

  • Key Ingredients/Thoughts on Leadership:
  • Leadership is not a personality style!
  • Leaders focus on:
  • Culture
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Leaders create a vision
  • Leaders Model Behavior
  • Leaders communicate until they bleed
  • People Developers
  • Influencer’s vs. Tellers
  • Leaders do the right thing, not the easy thing
  • Leaders “credentialize” their people
  • Impact Oriented
  • Evoke Motivation
  • Leaders start to be leaders by managing themselves

2. What are the pitfalls that keep great managers from becoming great leaders?

  • Feeling Threatened – Being Afraid
  • Being a Dictator
  • Loss of Vision
  • Communication Road Blocks
  • Focus solely on Management vs. Leadership
  • Too much focus on Self
  • Not being aware of effect on others
  • Not aware of own values
  • Not giving up control

3. How can you apply leadership to your specific role in the organization?

  • Create community/Tribe
  • Enable Strengths
  • Take Responsibility
  • Create Engagement in all directions
  • Engage People
  • Invest in People
  • Communication – until you bleed!!!!

What a great session!

I’ve attached Word files of both the summary of learning. In addition, I also have attached the Start-Stop-Continue document that all the participants filled out and will be arriving in their mail in a few weeks as a reminder of today and the key takeaways from the session!



  1. Rob, Thanks for the report. It’s fun to watch how the group is growing and developing some structure and beginning to make a difference. I guess I found out why my communication skills are lacking too. I haven’t lost any blood yet! Mike…

    Comment by Mike Henry — November 11, 2009 @ 7:40 am | Reply

  2. Rob: Another wonderful event. Powerful mission and vision statements. This group is focused and moving forward with intention and purpose.

    Thanks to you, Erin and the Board!

    Comment by Susan LaBonte — November 11, 2009 @ 9:09 am | Reply

  3. Rob, great recap of an amazing meeting. There was so much energy emanating from the room on Tuesday that we could have powered a small nation, and at the very least folks left in an empowered state! I know that the folks in my discussion group didn’t want the session to end; we were very engrossed in the questions! There are some incredibly powerful statements in the Table summaries above, but I believe that the Start-Stop-Continue document that everyone filled out will have the most impact; especially after folks receive their written words via U.S. Mail in a couple of weeks. At that point, the Leadership High that you mention in your opening statement will have diminished, and a fresh reminder will help them to remain focused on Authentic Leadership in their own lives.

    Comment by michellebeckham — November 11, 2009 @ 11:13 pm | Reply

  4. I hate that I missed the meeting on Tuesday! I had mistakenly put it on my calendar for Wednesday, so thanks for sharing the notes and information from the meeting. Sounds like I missed a good one!

    Comment by Jennifer McClure — November 13, 2009 @ 5:16 pm | Reply

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